Am I Set Up to Fail?

November 27, 2017

Yes! Its True... We have been taught to set ourselves up for failure. "I want something (ex: to tone up/ or lose some weight)... and therefore i will start on Monday"...

Ummmm... Yeah!...

You just set yourself up for failure. Waiting for a new week or until the New Year can get you no where. Did you know waiting to start something, the majority of the time, means you will fail 2-3 weeks into it?


Ask yourself... will your health and fitness goal be the same this year as it was last year?... Like... You know... do you find yourself still wanting to lose those 10lbs you wanted to lose the year before?  If so... Time to TAKE ACTION!


Walk into a gym in January... first 2-3 weeks everyone is ready to work off some extra weight for the New Year... GOALS are in mind... Now walk into the gym at the end of January/ early February and watch member rate numbers drastically change!... Why... because people are to often caught up in their feelings and no longer "FEEL" like working out... or getting up in the morning, or "feel" like meal prepping.


We so often in our fitness journeys want to start something great... but with life, limited time, work, and family, we begin to slowly fall off, or start the  yo-yo (stop and then start again) effect, or all in all quit.

If your one to continuously say you are going to start on Monday... or start next month... or start during the New Year... know, many-a-times, you are setting yourself up for failure. 


Yes... we at BEAST BODY have an answer on how you can be successful on your fitness journey or for any journey at that, whether it be your marriage, your business, your finances, etc... The Answer is:

START NOW!!!...Take Action

Yup! Thats Right!!! Start today! MAKE A PLAN AND STICK TO IT>>> No matter how you "FEEL" Starting Now is when you will see longer success on your journey because you just broke a mental battle... Starting even when you dont feel like it!... Thats the beginning of a NEW STRONG MINDSET.... 


We never really want to begin  our fitness & health journey anyway... that is why we always push it off. "Ill start this Monday... No ill start next Monday... No I'll start this  Monday again... Never mind Ill just start on the first of the month." ... Ummm... Have you told yourself that... Well... time to stop!


By starting now, you set yourself up to creating a strong mindset in doing things you want, when you dont want to do them. (Confusing? A bit, yes!... But... MINDSET is where its at.)


Really... ask yourself... what is difference between tomorrow and next week? 


TIME LOST ... Other than that, nothing is different... it is another busy day in your life... so ask yourself... why wait for the new year to begin a journey that can be started today or tomorrow? If time is lost... then why miss out on the opportunity to be more successful? Why miss out on the fact that you can be 3 or 4 weeks ahead rather than 3 or 4 weeks behind?


Social Media and Society tell us that our goals can only happen at the start of the New Year... or start of the New Month... or the start of a New Week... BUT THE START TO YOUR NEW YEAR can START WHENEVER YOU WANT!!!! That is the beauty about life... You can be successful if you put in the time everyday... Just like we do for our jobs... Our bosses, our employment, our paychecks... our lives depend on the work we put in on a daily basis. So once you accept to put in the work everyday with fitness, you will see that your journey can start on a Tuesday morning or a Friday night. The CHOICE IS YOURS... the NOW is yours... Stop waiting, Stop yo-yo-ing, STOP QUITTING.


You are meant to be successful in all that you do and you will see the results pay off once you continue to be consistent... 


BUT IM TIRED... We know... Life is tiring, work, kids, life... Its all tiring... but you have to put yourself and your health and your goals somewhere in the mix of life... and KEEP it in the forefront of your agenda... If not you will find times of depression, unhappiness, illness, or lack of purpose ahead. We were meant to be active and healthy beings... Seriously, minimum of 3 times a week focused on exercise and eating healthy everyday is so much easier and less time consuming and less expensive than illness, surgery, Dr's visits, prescriptions, family heartache, etc... so doing the minimum in itself is very rewarding.