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The Truth People HATE about Fitness

The majority of us HATE this about fitness.... the majority HATE that

SUCCESS requires hard, sometimes tedious, frustrating, and defeating WORK over a long sustained period of time.

Did you know 98%... yes 98% of the population expect a quick fix to their situations in life?

Did you know that 98% of people will start something because they are motivated... but quit when they lack motivation?

Did you know 98% of people will talk year after year about the things they want without ever working towards achieving it?

The problem with society is we EXPECT without WORK.... The average hates to WORK.

So seriously ask yourself.... Do you have what it takes to be successful?

The Truth about fitness (or for anything you want to function great in your life) is it comes with alot of WORK and no DEADLINE... BEACUASE IT IS A LIFESTYLE.

YES....thats right.... we will say it again... ALOT OF WORK & NO DEADLINE!... IT IS A LIFESTYLE!

All our lives we spend our time climbing... wanting more... moving inch by inch.... and most of the 98% get stuck on their climb waiting for someone to come save them

... sometimes we get stuck looking up ahead crying about why we arent climbing any more (when we have full ability to climb)....

But the few...the very few.... will continue to climb, they will cry, they will bleed, they will fight the voices in their head telling them to "give up and give in" ... the very few will make sacrifices everyday... They will climb not knowing how close or how far they may be to the top... and guess what...THEY are the successful.... THEY are the ones being watch by others wondering why it is they are ahead.... so....

Are you waiting.... or are you climbing?

Are you climbing even when you dont "feel" like it?

What are you doing to reach your maximum potential?

What are you doing to set the example?

What are you doing to reach success?

Sometimes the hardest part seems to be the climbing... but then there is the LETTING GO!

Yes... in order to climb... you have to let go... You have to let go of your feelings, your emotions, and the things of your past... You have to develop a mindset so strong that your closest friend cant talk you away from reaching the top... You have to develop a mindset so strong that your enemies cant break you...


Its YOUR ROUTINE that makes you SUCCESSFUL!!!

Remember... you were made for greatness... being stuck is a choice.... Do what you need to do to tap into your greatest potential. YOU CAN CHANGE for the things YOU DESIRE.

Summary: Are you part of the 98%.... or do you accept it to be a LIFESTYLE? Tap into your greatest potential. No matter what you want in life there are ways to get there... You have to be willing to climb everyday... you have to be able to let go of all the feelings and emotions holding you back. It is in the ROUTINE that you will find Success.

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