8 Common Answers from your Trainers

July 24, 2018

Here are some of the most common answers your Trainers give on a weekly basis... 


1. "I gained all my weight back... I dont want my trainers to see me this way."


Psssst... Please.... we don't care.... we would rather see you in the gym , working out, getting rid of toxins, burning that fat, setting and accomplishing small goals than not see your face at all. Your face is what makes us smile... Your face is what keeps us excited!... We know that if you lost the weight before... You can do it again! Its just a matter of wanting to do it again... and once you make that decision then GREAT... If not... at least you stay active around the people who want to see you succeed most!


2. "I workout and eat Healthy... but I'm not seeing any change."


Are you logging in/keeping track in a food journal? How many calories a day are you in-taking?- Sugar? Fiber? Fat? Protein?... How do you know exactly if your eating healthy if you don't know what your in taking?... Do you even know if your in taking enough calories? Do us a favor... Log in for a straight week... then get with us at the end of the week to look over your diary. (a week later.... nothing)

3. "I workout harder than anybody!"


Well... are you paying attention to the number of water breaks you took... which added up to reps lost due to slowly walking across the room... drinking water... slowly putting the cap back on as you check the phone... walking over to the station you were supposed to be at to do one rep before the trainer called next station?... then taking another break to go to the bathroom?... (Use the bathroom before class.... and keep your water close ;) Also, do you consider the amount of alcohol and/or wine you drank over the weekend and how it prevents your body from burning calories in the fat zone as it has to waste more time breaking down empty calories... Or wait... is the kitchen the problem? Are you really eating right?... Technically... are you working out harder in all the wrong areas???


4. "What do you think about this diet?"


We love food... and the majority of people we know love food too... diets (for the majority) don't last long... so find foods and meals that are best appealing to you and actually gives your body the nutrition it needs. Many times when falling off of a diet you can actually gain your weight back faster because you were lacking a specific nutrient... Or you may feel dizzy/ light headed when working out because some diets aren't geared for people who also workout.... So log into My Fitness Pal (its FREE) and get in