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3 Levels to WORK in Fitness

Uggggghhh! Why is wanting to be successful at something, like fitness, soooooo hard to reach. Then, when we reach it... Why is it so hard to maintain?

We have become the "I wanted it yesterday!" but its "too much work" kind of people.

When it comes down to it the only reason (no matter what society tells you), for not being successful, is because we truly don't want to put in the work. YUP! That's right- WORK!

Level #1: WORK-The Workout

After a long day at work, dealing with family or health issues, the last thing we want to do is workout! Really... to exert more energy when we already feel beat up from the day is what many people find hard to accomplish. This WORK is actually the easiest part of fitness. Scheduling a time to make your workout and actually showing up, whether you start with 3x a week or 5 times, is about 20/30% on your way to success in fitness. The next 2 levels... Well... you determine where your at???

Level #2: WORK- Nutrition

So many people can get level 1 but can not get, keep, or maintain level 2. Nutrition! If your not getting the proper nutrition you are not going to see the results you desire. Nutrition is KEY to all this fitness madness. Seriously... ask yourself... How many calories did i consume today? How many calories am i supposed to consume? Did i burn more than my calorie intake or less than my intake? How much sugar am i supposed to consume. What are my Carb, Fat, and Protein levels at? If you can not answer these questions on a daily you are not striving for the ultimate results... Why? because it takes DETAIL! Yes. we see all the Instagram and social media results but reality is many are either 1. getting worked on... or 2. really putting in hours to the detail on this level of-Nutrition. Did you know: You can get super fit and super strong with your workouts and still not see muscle definition if your nutrition is not detailed. Yup, that's right... you can have shredded arms and quads under layers of fat. This is why many times you may see you had started with 10lb dumbbells for bicep curls and can now curl 20s, yet, your arms still look the same... Its because you haven't dialed into your nutrition to be able to lower your body fat % to see that actual muscle growth. So remember Level 2 WORK is about 70/80% on your way to success in your fitness journey. The last level will actually determine if you have what it takes to make your fitness goals happen.

(Need a Nutritionist? Check out our partner Nutrition80 who has helped hundreds or clients with their Nutrition/Fitness goals:

Level #3: WORK- Mindset

Oh my! Mindset is probably the biggest WORK factor in your level of success! Mindset is what most people lack to even make level 1 or 2 happen consistently. Mindset is the glue between your Workouts & Nutrition! Mindset will keep you from quitting, cheating, back sliding, yo-yoing, hating on others success, being in your "feelings", working out when you don't want to, meal prepping when you don't want to, encouraging someone else when you don't feel encouraged. MINDSET is the glue and missing factor for 98% of people looking at becoming successful on their fitness journey.

Mindset is what makes a person their own accountability partner and their own cheerleader! Mastering your MINDSET is what allows you to make it through your hardest days when obstacles arise to being grateful for the smallest victories.

Start changing your Mindset with listening to daily motivational content. The more you feed your spirit the more you believe in your abilities. There are tons of FREE Content to listen to. Dont have any you can start with our You tube playlist:

Mindset makes up for 100% of your work ethic. Without mindset you will not reach your desired goals. The best thing about Mindset is that, unlike level 1 or 2, you can actually grow in mindset. You don't have to start with the strongest mindset, you just have to start feeding your mindset every day so that the glue becomes stronger and un breakable. Your mindset can start low and over time progress, which is the greatest Transformation! Once your Mindset has shifted you will see your overall results the way you want to see them.

So remember, when it comes to work... there are 3 levels in fitness. Which Level are you on? What %percentages are you at?... and... What are you willing to let go of to make it happen?


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