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3 Tips for finding your Gym Home.

For many finding a Gym Home can be hard.

Not everyone enjoys the process of walking into a gym and hopping on equipment. Not everyone feels comfortable working out not knowing if their form is correct. Not every one was made to go to a gym where they check in and check out and their longest conversation was a "Hi" at the front desk.

Finding the right gym you can call home can be an overwhelming process. But, just like church, theres a gym for everyone!

Before we get into the 3 things you should look for when finding the right Gym Home, you should first ask yourself, "Can I get uncomfortable and try something new?"

If your answer is yes... Then this is for you!

Here are 3 things you should look for when your wanting to find a Gym you can call Home.

  1. Smiles and Eye Contact

When you walk into a gym, use your gut! Meet the Trainers and staff and see if they genuinely seem happy to be in the work/gym space. Do they smile when greeting you, do they make eye contact. The energy you receive from the staff while they are on the clock will tell you alot about your experience.

2. Community Vibes

Oh, is this hard! When trying to find the right gym you can call home observe the workout environment aka the people who make up the community. (Of course you'll have your few that are the odd balls) but look at the majority of the community and see if you're welcomed as you are. For example, if your super modified is the community your working out with encouraging?...Even if you are super fit, are those working out around you encouraging or did they totally not make you feel welcome (umm jealousy much)? Community Vibes are a real thing in a close knit community. The community will be tired together, energized together, excited together, you know... the community goes through its ups and downs together as they continue to be led and steered in a positive environment. However, if the community seems cut throat you can totally MOVE ON to try another gym. Gym communities are built amongst like minded people, so you have to go out and find who you vibe with. Community Vibes are a great indicator on if your workout experience will be positive and fun. So trust your gut, look at the community as a whole. A positive workout space will allow for so much greatness to take occur, you'll enjoy fitness, you'll want to pencil in your workout, you'll develop that "catch me at da gym" attitude... shoot a positive workout environment can get people who don't even like each other to still come in and get in a great workout together bc its all about the VIBE and letting everything go when you hit the gym floor.

3. Workout Variations

If you're a person going to a gym and hopping on a machines is boring to you... Then, when looking for your Gym Home make sure they offer different workout variations. Whether your beginning your journey in fitness or if its something you routinely do, pay attention to see if there are variations of the workouts provided at your level of fitness. This a GREAT quality for your gym to have as you develop over your fitness journey.

So there you have it!

When looking for a Gym you can call Home, make sure your getting good eye contact and smiles, make sure the community is the vibe you're looking for, and make sure there are workout variations throughout your sessions for your level.


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