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Lets Manage Time Better

We hear the excuses all the time. "I need balance." "I need time." "I have too much work." Many people wish they could add more hours to their day....but really... if you did get the opportunity to add more hours in your day many would end up eventually spending it doing more work or more wasting of it. Many people would not take the extra time given in their day to actually spend it working on their actual personal goals.

You might be saying "Yeah Right! If i had more time i would definitely be working out and eating right etc"... Well... we've heard that too... and believe it or not the Covid Mandate Shut Downs were a perfect time to put your "time" to the test. We had opportunities to workout from home and there still wasn't enough time in a day.... So really... what is it about time that keeps on getting away?... Its the lack of prioritizing.

Our time gets snatched up from us because we usually give it away to others or things that don't help move us forward... We get comfortable.

Managing your time is one of the best tools/ skillsets a person can develop. Time is one thing we never get back. Its the one thing we cant buy more of or borrow from other people. We are each given 24 hours in a day and what you do with those 24hrs determines your level of success and your level of life happiness and peace.

So, for gym purposes we are going to use the excuse " I never have enough time to make it to the gym for a workout." Well here's an exercise you can do to determine just how much time in your week you actually do have and where you can possibly gain time.

Take the number of hours in a week and deduct what you do... 168hours - Work- Sleep-Blah Blah Blah

Lets use an example and say your married with kids:

24 hours a day x 7 days a week = 168hours a week


Work 50hour weeks.

You commute 1 hour to work 1 hour back 2x5= 10 hours

You sleep 7 hours

You got to after school sports for your kids 2hrs a day 5 days= 10hours

Maybe you go to church on Sundays 3 hours

Your left with 88hours in the week to play with.

With those 88 hours maybe we increase our sleep to 8 hours a day vs 7hours...

88 - an additional 7 hours of sleep

Lets say you want to take your spouse out on a date - 4hours

Leaving us with 77 hours in a week.

Okay... so maybe we meal prep 4 hours a week,

Clean the house 5 hours,

Tend to a family member or work meeting -4hours

We are still left with 64 hours...

What can you do with 64 hours in your week???

Lets say you decide with your extra 64hours you'll bring your kids on a date -4hours... you'll go to the gym 4 days a week -4hours... and drive time 30min there 30min back -additional 4 hours...

64-4hour kids date -4hour workout -4hour drive time=52 hours...

With ALL this mapping out of your time you still have 52hours in your week.

What will you do with it???

So its a matter of prioritizing your time. Being given more time is not realistic... but making adjustments to know where your spending your time is where you gain more time.

So try it out... take a pencil and paper and start subtracting!

168hours a week- Work- Sleep- commute- and whatever other things on your must do list.

We promise... this exercise is definitely worth your time to give a try!


Don't hesitate to share with us how many hours you might find in your week you didn't know you had :)


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