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What is Xtreme Testing?

Many people reach out to Beast Body Fitness stating that online we look super intimidating. Honestly though, we are nothing but a whole bunch of adults refusing to "grow up" aka> KIDS!!! We refuse to accept the status quo that we are too "old" to participate in athletics. Yes we are Lions who WORK and HUSTLE in this thing called fitness, but at heart we are a whole bunch of teddy bears here to support and love on each other!

One place you truly get to see the support is during Xtreme Testing!

What is Xtreme Testing?.... Well, lets just say its a bootcamp class on steroids' HAHA! You have to test to make it into Xtreme Class. Think of it this way... if you have taken a regular Bootcamp class at Beast Body Fitness its like cramming 3 of those bootcamp classes in 1 hour. Its intense, theres no modifications, the warm up alone will have you question why you even showed up. But, its a class that pushes all your limits. Its a class where its simply work... no socializing... no picture taking or video proof you survived the workout... basically what happens in Xtreme stays in Xtreme.

Our Bootcamp classes are by no means are easy... The cross training involved in bootcamp builds and works so many different muscle groups to get you ready for the Xtreme level. Some people might fear it... but others might enjoy the extra push and that is why Xtreme Testing is open to those who are wanting to challenge themselves on every level of fitness.

Xtreme Testing is an 11 minute fitness test. Literally 6 minutes of exercising and 5 minutes of breaks. You tap into a whole new side you didn't know existed. Everyone has to score atleast 250points out of these 6 exercises to make it into Xtreme. Minimum of 5pullups/chinups for women and 10 pullups for men and everything else like squats, pushups, deadlifts, bag run, and burpees are just all points you need to accumulate to hit 250! We know... it sounds and looks easy... BUT... when put to the test... it aint! Literally its can feel like the longest 11 minute test ever!

Whether you pass the test or not the best part about the test is how it shows your effort and the things you could work on. Passed or not, you often look back and think "Could I have done 1 more rep?" Its almost addicting to say the least!... and its crazy how your fitness gets pushed to the next level you begin to hold yourself to a higher standard not just by others but for yourself. Making it into Xtreme makes you prep differently, rest differently, recover and perform differently and it becomes a habit to stay ready than get ready.

If you want to test for Xtreme class start by pushing yourself in bootcamp, whether its running faster for the lap or performing an extra rep. Ask a trainer questions you may have and be consistent with your workouts.

So yes, sometimes things at Beast Body Fitness can seem intimidating but that's because glimpses of greatness are caught on camera not because we boast or have to look a certain way.... We really are just a group of Lions pushing one another to the next level!... and Believe it or not... we didn't all start this way... most of us started modified, some of us started 50+lbs over weight, others started in their 40's.... its not about our "limitations" its about the barriers we break down and the support we develop.

Photos by: Photo By Lizeth


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