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You're Stronger Than you Think!

Over 6.6lbs down and over 8.5inches lost in 6 weeks!

Fitness is not about what you lose but about everything you gain!

We could not be more proud of Trinh for her progress in such a short amount of time... This girl went from hesitating in the gym to attacking it in the gym! We all saw her begin to grab heavier weight, begin to challenge herself more, and do bonus work. We got to witness her let go of things and begin to bloom in her element of strength.

We had a great pleasure getting to know Trinh on a deeper level through the 6 weeks of transformation. Was it easy? no! Was it worth it? yes!

Many times our fitness journeys look different from the person next to us.... Some people lose weight faster, some people tone faster, some people have to handle hormonal or stressors differently and even though Trinh did not see the change she wanted her first week we ensured Trinh transformation is so much more. She stuck to it and continued to show up, asking questions, gain knowledge, and performing... but most importantly she was transparent with it all.

Transparency allows for strength to grow..

So to everyone who many times has a fitness journey that does not show you the results as expected.... KEEP GOING... KEEP SHOWING UP... KEEP PUTTING IN THE WORK. You are stronger than you think and when you tap into your mental strength, change happens.

Shout out to Trinh for amazing results and for transforming in so many ways! We love witnessing the change, not just in the gym, but mentally, motivationally for others, and watching the confidence pour out!

We Thank You for being a part of the Beast Family and for allowing us to be a part of your personal fitness journey!


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