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100% Effort

Anyone can show up to a workout or say they eat clean.... but really how detailed are you?

You can't give 50% effort and expect 100% return in your results.

Remember fitness is not something you can be off and on with... it can't be something you go strong for 3 weeks and turn around and have a bad week and say "Well I atleast had 3 good weeks". Thats not how fitness works... we have been conditioned to want fast results and to think fitness has a finish line. It doesnt. Hence, why its called a lifestyle.

What you do today is what matters... and then when tomorrow comes, what you do today- doesn't matter any more. Every day is another day to give 100% effort in every area... fitness, nutrition, and recovery. These are the things that keep our bodies in balance.

So this is your reminder that fitness is not microwavable... its like a never ending marathon... sometimes you have to stop and pep talk yourself and look back up and keep going.

Once fitness is accepted as a lifestyle it becomes more of an opportunity vs a chore.

So have fun! Push yourself! Stay consistent! And know you are built like an Athlete who'smindset is to perform at their best... you are a Lion who is always on the hunt never settling with last weeks or last years results had. So stay strong and work hard! You got this!


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