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How to Enjoy a Guilt-Free Holiday Meal: Tips on Avoiding Holiweek Gains

🦃🍽️ This is a Holiday not a Holiweek. Don't let the Holiweek gains ruin your Holiday meal! 🚫🤯 Remember, it's all about balance and enjoying that delicious dinner without the guilt. 😋 💪 So, here's the plan:

1️⃣ No leftovers! Leave them at the table and savor the moment. 🙌✨

2️⃣ If you're hosting, make sure everyone takes some leftovers home. No excuses! 🏡🥡

3️⃣ Start your day right with a protein-packed breakfast to fuel your body. 🥚🥓

4️⃣ Squeeze in a 30-60min workout to get that metabolism fired up! 🔥💪

5️⃣ Don't skip lunch and snacks before the Thanksgiving feast. Keep that tummy satisfied. 🥪🍎

6️⃣ Hydration is key! Aim for a gallon of water throughout the day to stay refreshed. 💦🌊

7️⃣ When it's time to plate up, prioritize your salads and veggies for that fiber and nutrients boost. 🥗🥕

8️⃣ And finally, savor that protein goodness before hitting the carbs! Indulge mindfully and enjoy every bite. 🍗😋

Enjoy the festivities and talk, laugh, and embrace family. At the end of the day its about creating memories. Snap a photo of your plate and share with us on social media!

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