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Why Do I Lack Motivation?

Why do I lack Motivation?

We have all asked this question... and we have all gone through the slump!....

Sometimes we want something to happen for us... yet we cant seem to figure out how to get what it is we want. The journey to the end result is HARD!!! Yes, we know!... You are not alone!... No matter the situation many times we catch ourselves asking

"Why do i lack the motivation to do what it is i actually want?"...

Well.... for EVERY VISION their is an ENEMY.

Yes, believe it or not... whether your religious or not... there is a greater force in the world that lurks around to steal your happiness.

Society states we should be able to get fit in 10 min workouts, that we need to follow some crazy diet plan, yet promotes fast easy food, or even now eating lots of candy, pies, heavy meals, drinks and more during the Holiday season.

(Side note: Did you know the average American gains 10-15lbs between Halloween and the New year?... Well in those 3 months expect 3 months of hard work to get it off.)

Remember over these next few months everything comes down to a choice. You have the choice to enjoy eating during the season... or just on the actual day when family and friends gather together... you have the choice to exercise to build nice lean muscle, you have the choice to give up and start all over. Its all choices.

Motivation is a feeling that comes and goes... Many of us find ourselves ready one day and 8 weeks later too tired to even continue on the goal we had set. STOP placing your goals in feelings with motivation.

We as a society lack motivation because we use motivation as a feeling and not a job. Motivation is a love hate relationship... we love it when we have it and we hate whatever it is we are trying to accomplish when we dont have it.

If you set your mind to understand the journey to your goal will be hard, fun, taunting, emotional, exciting, and everything else... if you set your mind to know it will be a LOVE HATE relationship and that the process will be LONG and never ending (Lifestyle).... then you will find yourself greateful of the small accomplishments to the overall picture. You would see that "small just" 3lbs in 1 month as a HUGE accomplishment to your overall goal... WHY?... because that 3lbs for 12 months is 36lbs YOU got rid of.

Yes... We know... some people can do 36lbs in 8-12 weeks.... BUT GUESS WHAT???... they are not you... and you are not them. Some people have the benefits of spending all day prepping meals, measuring meals, working out, and not having any other responsibility, while others have kids and work, or others have thyroid, kidney, or hormonal struggles.... Some have more determination to stay fcused.... NOT ALL OF US ARE THE SAME... so dont compare your journey to some one else.


is that you have what it takes to be successful... You have what it takes to follow your dreams... You have what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle... But like anything it takes WORK

Motivation is WORK... it is a JOB... it is something you will have to convince your mind to do day in and day out. Motivation comes and it goes... BUT YOUR MINDSET has to remain strong and not allow society to dictate your lack of time or how tired you are. Society wants you to be tired... society wants you to be lazy... Society want you to be unsuccessful at accomplshing goals... because there is nothing more powerful than confident healthy people finding happiness in all that they do and helping others to do the same.

We are not meant to be in a place of darkenss, depression, or to be uncomfortable with your own bodies... We are not meant to constantly fall backwards.... push through even when you dont want to... keep pushing forward. The result of your hard work pays off... and one day some one will ask you how you did it, how you stayed motivated... and you'll say... you just kept going... even when you didnt feel like it.

Summary: Why do I lack Motivation? Because it is a feeling that comes and goes and ive been allowing my success to be determined on my feelings as opposed to allowing my success to be determined on the work i put in to reach my goals.

Today i commit to be a better version of myself FOR myself and to set the example for others that i love.

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