How much water should i drink?

June 1, 2018

Lets be honest... For many people water is hard to guzzle down!... You know its a liquid with absolutely no taste. Many people now and days have a hard time drinking water since there are so many beverage options available.


Well... Did you know your body is made up of 70% water? Even though we at Beast Body have been preaching it... Studies now show that not everyone should be drinking eight 8oz cups of water a day.... Yes thats right! Many of us should be drinking more than just 64oz of water a day.

Even though you may feel like 64oz may be too much (especially if your new into fitness), it isnt... Its actually what your body uses on a daily just to function. Yes, the liquid in your eyes, your organ functions, the ability to urinate, your sweat, the saliva in your mouth, etc all uses that wonderful H20. So what happens if your not getting in your water... Well, simply put... your dehydrating your body!!!.... You dont recover fast from your workouts, you sweat less, you increase your risk of kidney stones, imbalance in your body and hormonal levels, you increase hunger, decrease metabolism, make it harder to lose weight, dizziness, etc.... the list can go on.