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3 Simple Steps to prevent "I'm Back"...Again

How many times do we tell our selves we "ARE BACK." Back on track, back in routine, back on meal planning & prepping, back at being disciplined?

Here are 3 simple steps to help you stop the yo-yo affect of fitness.

  1. Plan Ahead!

Yes this step sounds so simple and so boring.... BUT... many people fail to plan ahead therefore leaving room for the day to take over our schedule vs our schedule taking over the day. Plan ahead on when your working out through the week and then FOLLOW STEP 2.

2. Say No!

Thats right say "NO." Once your workout is planned for your day say no to anything else that may pop up on schedule. Treat your planned workout as a Dr.s appointment or like a second job. If your boyfriend calls and says "Lets go have dinner tonight" but you had a plan to go workout... this is your chance to say "No... i cant... you can meet me at the gym or we can go after my workout. Or lets say work is keeping you swamped and instead of leaving at 5pm they ask you to stay for a meeting at 6:15pm... Let work know you have to go to your second job!... They dont have to know its a workout your actually going to. You can say no to happy hours and parties and even kid extracurricular activities... Remember... Your health at the end of the day is all you have!

3. Stop Stopping.

Its a choice. Fitness is not a hobby... its a lifestyle... its not something you put down and pick up. Once you make the decision to truly commit and just embed it in your DNA as a must get done (kind of like brushing your teeth or putting gas in your car), you will find yourself living the lifestyle. Stop thinking its an activity that can be pushed around... Think about it.... minimum should be 3 days a week... start with that... find success in that and watch how you flip the switch.

Again, fitness is not a hobby... so dont treat it as one ;)

You got this!


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