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Do You Care Like We Care?

At Beast Body Fitness we truly care about your recovery!!!

Millions of Americans go years without proper care of their muscular/ tendon or skeletal body.

We have come to a point where we are taught to be overwhelmingly busy at the compromise of our own health. We are taught that age is what holds us back and that age is the very cause of all our "problems." When reality is we lack water, rest, and the knowledge to actually treat our imbalances.

When we have an issue or start feeling pain we are quickly thrown to steroid shots and surgeries... not realizing that 95% of the time your pains and issues can be resolved with a couple weeks of strengthen the right muscle groups or trying to loosen tight ones, or even aligning the hips- our foundation.

You cant expect to perform at your best if you are not doing what it takes to prevent injury. So remember... if your wanting to advance your performance... work on your recovery game.

The Trainers at Beast Body Fitness truly care about your performance and well being. We truly want to see you grow on your personal fitness journey and want you to prevent as much injury as possible. So remember... when we ask you if you foam rolled and stretched, its because we see your tight fascia, we see the muscular imbalance, we see that injury is in your future... and the last thing we want is for you to be injured.

After watching this video... remember we cant just blame age as a factor the root is the lack of time spent on recovery.


Following forms of recovery:




Foam Roll


Deep Tissue Massage

Cold Water Therapy

Hot Water Therapy




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