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Does the perfect time exist?

What are you doing with your time? Are you getting better? Are you making steps in the right direction? What are you doing today that will change your current circumstances, what are you doing today that will change your situation 60, 90, 300 days from now?

Waiting for the perfect time and the perfect circumstances does NOT exist. Some how we have been sold a lie to listen to our "feelings". If we listen to our feelings then we can go with our gut!!... Right?... NO!!!! We go with our gut first... if we want to accomplish something... if we want to lose weight, have a happy marriage, have a great work place environment that is what our gut tells us we want.... and we go for it!! Our feelings will lead us to places that feel more comfortable... like " i don't feel like working out" -so you stay home... "I don't feel like saying sorry first" so you stay upset... "I don't feel like smiling at my co worker" - so you bring an attitude to the work place.... Go with your gut!!! If there's something you want or something you need to get away from do the work you need to do! Stop waiting... Stop Wasting time... STOP!!!!

It all begins with your mindset, your attitude of gratitude, it all begins with you!

Do you have what it takes to become better? Well... Stop what your doing and do the opposite of how you feel.

For example:

Stuck with a co worker you cant stand?

Ask them how their day is going.


Currently mad at your spouse?

Shoot them a text on what you appreciate the most about them

You can waste time or use time... The choice is yours!

We all have the same 24hrs... what you decide to do will impact your life 5 months or 5 years from now. WHAT DO YOU WANT???>>> and just FREAKIN GOT FOR IT!!!!


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