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How to Create Fitness Memories

Your fitness journey should not be a drag!!

Hare are 3 ways to make your fitness journey a memorable, fun, and exciting experience!

1. Show Up and Introduce yourself.

We live in a time were social media and tech devices take all our attention. Don't be afraid to "be that person" and ask someone their name or introduce yourself to strike up a conversation. The more people you get to know at the gym the more you feel comfortable. Plus the more people you get to know...the more they recognize if you have or haven't been showing up- which is a great way to have accountability.

2. Get plugged In.

Whether its social media, blogs, strolling through the gym app, or catching up on gym emails... Stay plugged in atleast 2-3minutes a day! This allows you to always feel in the loop and never left out. Remember... its hard to feel a part of something if your not plugged in.

3. Laugh... Alot!!!

Don't overthink the workouts or the form. Your Trainers are their to help you with that. If your doing something wrong and some one helps you... laugh about it... If your doing core work and some extra noises push their way out... Laugh about it. If you accidently walk off with someone elses water bottle... Laugh about it! All to often we walk into the gym thinking we have to be "perfect because everyone is watching"... reality is... everyone is just there for a great workout. So when in doubt if you mess up, perform something wrong, or something weird happens just laugh... it allows you to be relatable and allows you to let go of the image that you of yourself at the gym.

Letting go and just allowing yourself to be you in an environment where everyone else is doing the same is the best way to learn and grow...Try these 3 things at the gym... and we promise... you'll create some of the most fun and funniest fitness memories!


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