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When to Walk Away...

Are you getting stronger? Are you physically being challenged? Are you mentally being challenged? Then you stay! Work!... and keep up the grind!

Are you comfortable? Are you making excuses? Are you keeping your same routine? Are you complaining and not taking action? Then you go! You walk away, turn directions and start executing.

Comfort will get you no where. Someone else out there has it 10x worse than you and they are getting out of their comfort zone to get the work done. So can you!

Excuses are a well planned lie. They give you an out... a reason to accept why you can't do something. Seriously ask yourself "Can i change this situation and what can i do?" -You will soon realize you will come up with many solutions like go to bed earlier to wake up earlier, or leave work faster and don't stay to talk with co-workers to get to your workout sooner.... Trust us when we say, if you have an excuse you can come up with a solution.

Routines are powerful when structured correctly. Are you keeping and holding onto a routine that is not benefiting you and causing you to make excuses? A strong routine will help you move forward and get closer to your goals... a weak routine will keep you floating in the same annoying spot.

Complaining is like nagging! People can not hear you complain and see that you still aren't taking action. People aren't inspired by complainers and people who want you to succeed cant help you if your not willing to let go.

So stop complaining... take action... get rid of your excuses..... build yourself a strong routine that will take you out of your comfort zone! Remember in order to make these changes you need to walk away from the habits holding you back! So just do it!


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