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Would You Hire You?

Finding a good accountability partner can be so hard sometimes. Many times they are super excited to help keep you accountable… then you find yourself trying to help keep them accountable and many times the accountability wears off.

Fitness is one of those things you have to push through with or without an accountability partner.

But can we be real for a minute? How are you expecting someone to help carry your load if your not willing to carry it yourself? At the end of the day its a YOU vs YOU battle. Your the one who makes the most simple choices every day…. >To show up or not show up… >To eat or not eat… >To drink water or not drink water… Who are you fooling??? If you cant be your biggest accountability partner, your biggest motivator, your biggest cheerleader… do you honestly think the momentum and progress you make will continue when no one is holding your hand?

You have to ask yourself… Would you hire you as an accountability partner? If your answer is no… we got some work to do…. Some reflection.

You cant say you want something and not fully commit.

You cant say you want something and blame someone else for not having it.

You cant say you want something yet your constantly changing the way you do things even after you’ve seen the results.

You cant say you want something and constantly lie to yourself about why you “can’t” make it happen.


At the end of the day just commitment to the process.

You need to win the battle over your feelings.

So think about the ultimate Accountability Partner and BE that person for yourself.

You have it in you… just do it.


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