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Your Only as Strong as Your Mindset!

No matter your fitness level or where your starting your only as strong as your mindset. This is your reminder to remember fitness is a constant battle between YOU vs YOU!

We have a tendency in fitness to compare ourselves to others... like WHY do that?

Why compare our self to the young person who gets all the rest they need because they aren't bombarded with kids and a spouse and work commitments? Why compare your results to them?

Or why compare yourself to the person who gets to spend more hours on their workouts because their kids are grown and now they can focus more on their personal needs, while your dealing with toddlers?

Why compare yourself to the person who has lost more weight than you when you've been recovering from surgery, or hormonal/ thyroids/ diabetes issues, ect?

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?! Why do we do this?

Lets be real... we always want what others have... but the grass is not always greener on the other side... WATER YOUR OWN GRASS and watch growth and opportunity rise right where you are!

Many times we compare way too much that we allow it to hinder our progress.... and many times we see the commitment and sacrifices others are willing to make that it frustrates us into believing we "can't" accomplish what we set out to do. Shut those lies up!

No matter where you are on your fitness journey remember, you have to COMMIT and be ALL IN to get the results YOU want! Whatever "they" are doing at the gym doesn't matter if your committing in every area of fitness like: the Workouts, the Nutrition, the Rest, the Recovery, the Mindset.... Its a You vs YOU battle every day. How much better can you do today than yesterday?

Develop a strong mindset so you can develop the results you want!

Be mindful of the comparison game you get into... and when your in it tell yourself just how Freakin GREAT you are! Mindset is KEY!


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