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Broken Promises

Don't you hate when a spouse, family member, or friend breaks a promise? Like REALLY?!?! How upset do we get?... Don't you hate when something says 100% money back guaranteed yet your not satisfied and go to get your money back and can't. This world we live in is a place we find promises being broken on a regular and we are quick to call that person on their crap, speak to a manager, or even go as far as a lawsuit or a divorce bc promises were broken... Well... what about the promises YOU break?... You know the promises you told yourself that this is the year you'll accomplish your fitness goals... what about the promise you made to be a better spouse or to give more quality time to your kids... what about the promises you make to yourself that find their way back on next years list of goals? Why is there no accountability and why in the heck do we think its okay to break our own promises?

You know if we just stuck to our promises we would actually find ourselves accomplishing the things we want... Why in the heck do we not go as far as calling ourselves out on our own BS.... Its time to WAKE THE F UP!!!! Fix your attitude, fix your mindset, and tell yourself to get it together. Stop talking your self out or away from the things you want and start telling yourself you made a promise you cant break... Broken promises lead to a broken cycle!

So... next time someone breaks a promise to you... remember how many promises you have broken to yourself... and if your unable to call yourself out on your BS then don't call others out on theirs.

Keep your word because you gave your word. No one said the journey would be easy... no one said if you put in work for a few months it would get easier... THIS IS LIFE... it brings upon us challenges we don't want and obstacles we would rather not face... but in the middle of all the choas in the world... the 1 thing you can do for yourself that will be best for your success is to keep your word and never break your promises!

Keep going BEAST... YOU GOT THIS!!!


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