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3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Yes… it is TRUE…. The average American gains 10-15lbs between Halloween and the New Year! Why is that??... because of all the FOOD and SWEETS… DRINKS and PARTIES!!!!

But did you know there are 3 SUPER easy steps to keep that Holiday weight OFF?

  1. Indulge in your Holiday meal!!!

Yup! That’s right…. Enjoy those sweet potatoes, turkey, stuffing, cheesecake,... all of it!!! Enjoy every bite! It’s a MEAL!!!... (a fattening meal)…. But it’s a meal that we don’t get to enjoy often… so go for it!!!... and yes… if that means you want seconds go for it too!!! Pig out!!! We at BEAST BODY LOVE Food… and because we are real people…. with real results… we keep it 100… if your anything like 98% of the American people you enjoy food too and you don’t want to count it, weigh it, question if it’s on a diet plan, or wonder what are the healthier versions of whatever it is being cooked… In all honesty gathering together with friends and family make it almost impossible to have a “Healthy” Holiday meal, unless you are the one hosting and cooking it all… Sooooooo… ENJOY the MEAL!!!! But before you do DRINK a glass of water.... and before getting seconds set your alarm on your phone for 5 min to allow your body to respond to the food you just ate… and to allow it to respond to the seconds your about to go for…. If you don’t want seconds GREAT… but if for some reason you do…. SET that timer!!!!...

2.Stay active!

Before or after your Holiday meal (or both) try to get in a workout or Brisk walk/run… Yes… its true… a good workout in the morning will help you burn calories throughout the day… so the food that you eat is being put to use right away… protein to build lean muscle, calories being burned, sugars needed as body desires, you already awakened your digestive track with movement and water which allows for faster digestion and metabolism boost… aka… your body will atleast use half of what you eat to work in your favor!

Going for a walk after continues to help your body break down that food… helps those insulin levels… and allows for a few extra calories to be burned… it also shakes off that after eating sleepy feeling so you don’t just fall asleep with such high level intake numbers shooting your body into overload chaos…. So remember… a meal that you can easily gain 3 lbs from can actually be cancelled out with staying active.

For a Holiday meal we want

Workout = to MEAL… not MEAL = to 3lb gain.

Over the Holidays… if you’re looking to maintain… workout/walk/run 2-3 days a week for 30-60min…

3.Take Note! Holiday… not Holi-Month

Don’t keep any leftovers… It’s in the leftovers we begin to see real damage… and see the scale numbers bounce up… Yes… it’s a day… a meal in which we get to enjoy… that means… STOP enjoying the month and the whole season… Just because work has snacks and goodies to munch on… or coworkers bring in some “Holiday Favorites” does not mean you have to go for every taste and every bite… Stick to your plan… If you have goals or even if you don’t have goals, but know you dont want to gain that Holiday weight, learn to enjoy the meal and not all the little occasions that make up the season. You don’t have to wait till your NEW YEAR to get started… Start now by not gaining extra weight you will have to work 10x harder to work off.

Summary Note: A cup of water & 5 min alarm will drastically change the amount of food you actually eat… Get in some kind of Active workout to burn the majority of your meal for the day… and Remember it’s a day to celebrate, not a month or season. The goal is not to be average… the goal is not to gain the Holiday 10-15pounds. So… use these easy 3 tips to stay focused. You got this!!!

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