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Don't Get Satisfied! Commit to the Process!

By now most people (98%) that set out for their New Years Resolutions have given up, quit, or simply let life take over.

2% will actually be successful at accomplishing their 2022 goals!

Think about it... we are 6/7 weeks into the New Year...

Have you maid any progress, even if its small? or have you sacrificed your goals for the pleasure of others?

The process is not easy!...Are you willing to go through extreme heat and pressure? Are you willing to cut off things that wont get you closer to your goals? Are you willing to rearrange things to better benefit your personal fitness needs?

Remember... theres no cheating the system... the system/process works if you work all areas of it. Commit to the process... and when you commit and see the results you like don't get satisfied and ease off. Keep going!


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