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It's so Basic!

Many people think this fitness journey is so hard! But really it isn't.

Think about it:

  1. Workout

  2. Nutrition

  3. Recovery

  4. Mindset

WOW!!!! is that it?!?! YES! That's it! The problem is we want to find the easiest way around it all with surgeries, pills, diets fads, drinks etc.... instead of just sticking to the basics.

Workouts, many times we don't schedule into our week... so we don't even know if we are supposed to workout in the early a.m., mid day, or in the p.m. Why? because we fail to put our workouts into our agenda! Just plan it out!

Nutrition, haha, so many times we "think" we are eating healthy, but many of us don't calculate or keep track of the easiest numbers game ever. You should always know where you are sitting for your caloric, carb, protein, fat, fiber, sodium, and sugar intake. These 7 numbers (determined by your height to weight ratio & goals) are like memorizing a phone number and making sure you don't go over these numbers on a daily (depending on your fitness goals)

Recovery, people don't even know when to turn it off any more. Working from home after work hours, working through lunch and dinner, and through family time. Not scheduling when your going to stretch or get a massage, or better yet sleep. What about water? Water is a HUGE factor in the recovery process! Recovery is so important for our health many skip over this because they have filled their day with the hustle and bustle of life. Preparing for your rest and recovery allows you to attack your workouts.

Mindset, this is where the majority of people lack. We think everything is supposed to come easy... we think because we worked hard for 3 months we should have our results... Its not a joke when we say fitness is a life style... its like brushing your teeth or bathing... you have to apply your work to it everyday in all areas to be successful and then you have to understand that it doesn't have a finish line. You don't arrive to being fit or healthy... you have to maintain it.... just like you have to maintain a job!

So really... this fitness thing involves being detailed and putting in the daily work. That's it! Its so basic an elementary student can do it!. The question you have to ask yourself is, Are You Willing To Do What It Takes? >When your answer is YES... then you'll get everything you want out of fitness!


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