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Motivation Won't Get You There!

That's right! Anyone can do it when they "feel" motivated! We can show up to the gym, eat right, be all happy and inspiring! But what happens when you don't "feel" like doing it? When your not motivated?... This is only where a select few push through!

Many people push hard while they have motivation, and then begin to get comfortable once that motivation leaves. They begin to ease off some, they begin to change the way they workout, the way they plan, the way they eat, and slowly their results change too, just not in our favor. This is what many people face in fitness... the yo-yo effect... which makes being consistent hard because our feelings become so intertwined with the results we either had or are having. If your one that once loved your results... ask yourself... what were you doing at that time?... and DO IT! No one is stopping you but you. Were you not drinking? Were you more active? Were you tracking what you eat?... You know what it takes so its just a matter of executing again!... If your a person that has never seen the results they want, keep SHOW UP for yourself in all areas... We know it seems so simple... but it is sooooo hard for many of us to grasp because it's non stop planning, time, and work.

Fitness is a lifestyle! Theres no end point -theres no finish line. Theres only the ability to reach goals, maintain them, and reach new goals! You live in your body forever so little reminder: you have to maintain it forever too.

Once we understand that everyday we are given the choice to do or not do then we begin to understand that fitness, and all its results, come from Consistency not Motivation. Consistency is the daily action, Motivation is the feeling.

Once you let go of your feelings aka "motivation" and you decide to be consistent in all areas you will see that you indeed have what it takes to be successful!

What you NEED is daily execution! Not Motivation.


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