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There's 1 thing you can change

The one thing we can change is our excuses!!!

What reasons do you come up with as to why you cant execute something?

Think about all the excuses we come up with... "Im too tired"... "im too busy"... "i dont have an accountability partner"... The truth is... excuses will keep you where you are... running in the same circle.

Become a person who DOES and not a person who TALKS about it. Its crazy to think but someone busier is getting it done... someone with more stress or family issues are getting it done... Stop settling with how you feel right now.

Smash your goals by facing your excuses with the truth!!!! " I dont have time!" > place it with> " Let me prioritize my time and fit it in my schedule."

Remember health is not an option it is a lifestyle! What you do today will determine your next year, 5 years, 10 years from now... Don't place the burden of medical health issues on your family 10 years from now because you didn't want to prioritize today. Remember it can start with a small change... drinking more water... saying no to soda... more walking... working out 3 times a week... START SOMEWHERE and continue to push through even if you don't feel like it! Your goals begin and finish with you! Strive for greatness BEAST!!!


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