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1 Tip on Meal Prepping

We often think Meal Prepping takes so much time... but reality is, it is a TIME SAVER!!!

We know not everyone likes to meal prep or reheat food... and that's okay. But, if your one that doesn't like meal prepping then you definitely have to make sure you are putting "COOK DINNER" onto your agenda!!!! If your not scheduling when your cooking dinner, you'll find yourself making a last minute decision that usually isn't the best decision for your goals or health.

So here is 1 small tip but a major time saver that many over look.

Lets talk vegetables or fruit... something as simple as onions and peppers. Lets say you cook dinner and you usually use onions and peppers in your meals, the first time you pull out those onions and peppers are the 1st and last time you cut all of them. That's right, cut all of them for the week and put it in a container and store in the fridge. The next time you cook all you need to do is sprinkle in your chopped goodies and not even have to worry about finding space on the counter, a cutting board, a knife, the time to cut, and the time to wash the board and knife, and the time to store the items back.

Cutting all your veggies at 1 time can save you 5-10minutes every time you cook. Lets say you cook 6 days a week and you save on average about 7 minutes a day just from cutting those onions 1 time.... that's 42minutes you gained back in your week!!!!

Meal Prepping can sometimes seem overwhelming when you first start off... so start small, with the little things.

Hope this tip helps the next time your in the kitchen :)

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