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Relationships and Fitness #Truth

Whether your single, dating, or married... one of the top most discussed topics between clients and Trainers are relationships... The good, the bad, and the ugly are brought up in discussion.... but the most common question on this topic is

"How do i continue to pursue my fitness journey if im not getting the support i need at home?"

Uggggggg.... Yes... Relationships!!!!!.... Lets talk!

Single peeps who are pursuing a fitness journey, when dating make sure health & fitness is important to the other person... It will save alot of arguments and help save you from falling off track. Invite the person you are dating to workout with you... See how they are in the areas that make you, you. Dont lose who you are because you "like" someone... Your someone should be so supportive in helping you become a better version of yourself.... and they will enjoy doing things you like... because they like to see you in your joyful state. If they are pulling you away from the things you love... Drop them... its called dating for a reason... The right one will come along... So dont waste time with the wrong person.

Married folk.... Lets dive deep... and talk real talk.... Sometimes your spouse may hop on board with your journey... and thats SUPER EXCITING (what everyone would want.... right?!?)... it may take a while... like a year or 2 or more... if fitness isnt something they are into, thats okay... dont force it... but as long as they are supportive you are ahead of most!

For the married folk who have a few years under their belts... have been through hell and back... who have been on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows... The ones who know love is a process of daily work.... and some of those marriages who are just in it because of the kids... know that when you take on a fitness journey and dont get the support you need at home or from your spouse...

then...SO BE IT!!!!

... Does it make your journey harder because you want the support but dont have it... YES!

...Does it make you question your relationship... YES!

...Is it annoying... YES!

... Does it sometimes make you feel like you want to give up?.... YES!

But ultimately YOU'RE YOUR biggest fan... YOU"RE your biggest supporter...

YOU are who YOU are DOING this for!

YES....Relationships are so much easier when both are on the same page with similar goals in mind... but life doesnt promise us easy. What life promises is through consistency and hard work you will gain results... what life promises is through having a positive outlook on everything, you can learn to be your biggest supporter and actually learn to enjoy the process.

If your in a relationship where you dont get the support you need for your journey know that it's all the reason you need to stay connected and constantly involved in your fitness family. Gaining support from your Trainers and other gym friends will help you... its not the answer but it sure does help.

Fitness is like a marriage... you cant cheat on it and expect it to work, you cant give 50% and expect it to work... You cant depend on someone else to make the changes for you. Relationships are amazing... but sometimes they are hard work... in a relationship both people should be giving their 100% at all times... Even when you are upset with one another... never stop giving 100%!... The moment you ease off your relationship is the moments in time things begin to shift to areas undesired... and like fitness 100% is needed at all times even if you dont "feel" like its giving you the return you expect.

If your not getting the support you need at home... watch daily positive affirmations on you tube that can give you support and encouragement to get on with your day and to help you believe in yourself more than any other person. To start with some videos feel free to check into Beast Body Fitness Playlist: Motivation>

You can not blame your spouse for your situation... you have all ability and all authority to make the changes in your life you want to see... Your spouse will either hop on the band wagon to join you because they love the changes that they see, or they will see your positive changes and atleast begin to support you, or all in all nothing changes but YOU... YOU gain the happiness and confidence YOU desire and need.

Whether Single, Dating, or Married... if you have a personal fitness goal in mind... it is YOUR responsibility to take action on it every day.

aka..... WORK

Great relationships come with balance and alot of hard work... If some things have fizzled out or something altered your relationship... know that it is okay.... It is okay to be in something you dont feel you have the support you need.... But if your single/dating... let this be known.... You have to find someone with your common interests to help you succeed.

Remember... Positivity is an attraction... So if you want more support at home start with speaking positive to your spouse (no matter how much they get on your nerves)... Boost them up... give more into your relationship and watch things begin to change and shift (and no we dont mean try to be positive for a week)... do it day after day, week after week month after month... and over time... things will get better... JUST LIKE FITNESS!... so....PUT IN THE WORK FOR THE RESULTS YOU WANT TO SEE>>> AND EXPECT IT NOT TO HAPPEN OVER NIGHT... expect it to take TIME.

So be strong, be confident, and be your number one supporter... YOUR WORTH IT!

You got this!


Relationships no matter whether your single, dating, or married dont always come with the best support. On a daily listen to positive speakers and encouragers who can help the negativity in your mind be flooded with positive words and good vibes. Know that you have to be your biggest supporter and know that no matter who comes in or out of the picture, when you have a dream or goal God gave you then it is your duty to make it happen with daily work and sacrifice. Being positive is attractive... so give your best and be your best and watch things turn around.

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