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3 Keys to Run the Day!

Have you ever found some one in your circle of friends who has just as much on their plate (if not more) than you do and some how they still make it to the gym? Ugggggg... These people... they make juggling life and fitness seem so easy!! But really... everyone knows its not... Lets be real... What are they doing to even make going to the gym seem possible when we all know they are just as busy as we are?

1. They Plan!

Planning goes a long way!... We have schedules for everything in life right?... Like... what times we work, to what times our kids are in school, to when we are going to socialize with friends... Planning out your schedule is KEY!!... If you are not putting your workouts into your schedule you will not find time to workout... Seriously... this goes for everything... if you don't plan your dinner, then you'll find yourself eating out somewhere... if you don't plan your finances... you'll find yourself going into debt. PLAN PLAN PLAN!!! But most importantly...

2. Execute!

That one friend may have more on his/her plate and still manages to get in a workout, why... because they execute... They talk the talk and walk the walk... They know the difference between complaining about a situation and handling the situation. They have value in their time. Trust us... Not everyone has this kind of work ethic/ mindset... hence why 80% of people drop off in their first 5 months ... If it were easy we would all be healthy and fit... But in just practicing execution, you end up feeling so much better about yourself... So sometimes just think of it as... "I have to workout because i planned to workout and i execute what i say i'm going to do!" vs... being led by your feelings " I feel tired, i have so much to do, i don't feel like working out right now."... Leave your feelings out of the journey... feelings will get you one step closer to falling off and quieting before you even see any results... But that execution tho' will get you places you didn't think were possible. Hence why its called a mindset... develop the skill to execute and you gain so much more in so many areas of life.

3. Gratefulness.

Those who are success full with planning and execution are grateful... That's right... it could be something a small as being able to jump rope... to something as big as getting their first pull up. No matter the success these people are grateful for the opportunity to move, workout, and have a time-slot in their busy day to focus on themselves.

So needless to say... if your not planning your workout into your schedule you are more than likely not going to execute your ability to workout... if your not executing your ability to workout, you are not accomplishing what it is you really want to do, which may send you into a downward spiral not feeling great about yourself... So lets be real!!! At the beginning of your week... PLAN, EXECUTE, and be GRATEFUL for the opportunity to Run your Day!!!

Cause lets be honest.... someone out there busier than us or someone out their with missing limbs are still finding ways to get it done!

So go Run the Day!! You Got this!!!

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