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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

Here we go!!! The average person between Halloween and the New Year will gain 15-20lbs.... SAY WHAT?!?!... Yes... we've seen it time and time again... a small mini size candy here... a small mini size candy there... it shouldn't do much harm... right? ....NO!!!... WRONG!!!

A mini size candy is just the right size to get your "sugar fix"... did you know artificial sugars have an addicting component that sets of the same signals in your brain off that gets addicted to crack cocaine?... Yeah... we know... science may prove the brain functionalities working at the same levels... but we will still manage to deny the addicting factors our body has on these little amazing snack size mini candies...

So next time you pop a MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm so good candy in your mouth, whether it be a twix, snicker, twizzler, hersheys almond kiss... remember this... YOU HAVE TO WORK ALOT HARDER THAN THE CANDY DOES to shed off any extra lbs.

So take into consideration your goals... if your one who wants to start the New Year ahead of the game and not work on losing the additional 15lbs you put on during the Holidays... then perform these tricks below ... workout a minimum of 3 days a week... and plan your meals... Dont let time and work, and of course kids get you off track.

So here are 3 Trick ideas you can do while at the office/ or at work to help you avoid unnecessary artificial sugar aka>>>> weight gain...

Trick 1

Drink 72oz of water before you eat that snack sized candy and follow up with another 20 oz after... This way your focus will be on in taking more water in the hopes that you'll no longer crave the candy, or you'll be to tired getting up to go to the restroom again you'll say its not even worth it... HAHA...

Trick 2

Perform 70 Burpees before you eat that snack size candy!... WHAT??? That's a little exaggerated... But is it?.... You'll hopefully have burned off the calories you in-took from that small candy... so yes drop it down and jump it up... Although calories are super beneficial for your body... there is a HUGE difference between healthy calories and non healthy calories... so.... be active if your going to decide to put junk in your mouth... we know... some people are driven by food... and if you know that's you... you have to break a sweat to treat yourself!

Trick 3

Grab the candy in your office or work place and GIVE IT AWAY!!!! That's right!!!... Grab the bowl of candy and ask your co workers if they want some (and do this several times a day)... then get the bowl out of your sight.... Ask people who walk into your work place to "PLEASE Grab one"... Trick your mind into the fight... YOU vs The CANDY... who is stronger... who is in control... who can make who vanish first... will the candy control you and vanish inside your belly... or will you control it and laugh as you watch others demolish it?....HAHA... we know... it may sound silly... but sometimes you just have to talk to the problem as if it is a battle you can not lose!

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS... your goals are YOUR goals... only YOU can make a change... only YOU can make results....

So be in CHARGE!!! Be in CONTROL!!! Keep your sugar intake between 28-34 natural sugar grams a day... Don't put all your hard work to waste... and for sure... if your battling with diabetes>>> lets be real>>> YOUR LIFE is way more important than a few candies!!!!

So this Holiday season friends... Stay on TOP of your game!!! Trick your mind or your Body into doing something else other than grabbing a snack size sugar filled piece of man made "food"... that has no nutritional value.

You got this!

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