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3 Steps to Success

Uggg... lets be real....Why does it seem like we have a goal but we cant reach it??? Why does this fitness journey feel so hard at times... Dealing with injuries, dealing with emotions, dealing with chaos of life... Uggg... sometimes it really can get overwhelming and seem like we are not meant to succeed.


This is life... this isnt just fitness... Life throws curve balls at us all the time... the point is to NOT GIVE UP... push through and know that there are better days.... Applying this mindset of pushing through is the same you must have for fitness...

Fitness can be fun or it can be a chore... the choice is yours...

Your success is determined by your mindset!

You will not succeed if you are not doing what needs to get done in the kitchen... in the gym... or for recovery... its a lifestyle... This is not the gram world where everyone seems as though they have instant results... It takes alot of discipline to succeed... Question is... Do you have what it takes?... seriously where does success come form?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

1. Am i consistent day after day year after year?

>>> Thats right... are you consistent with your food choices in the kitchen, with your workout, with your recovery?.... If you say yes... then this is great! You are well on your way to succeed on your fitness goals... If you answered no to any part... or "kind of"... (like you have a alcoholic beverages on the weekend or you stretched for 2 min at your office desk).... then your not doing everything!

2. Are you planning?

>>> Do you set up your schedule up according to your workouts? do you schedule meal prepping in your week? If you answered no.... well your missing a very important step... Why? because if your not planning according to your needs/wants everything else in your day will take over... Work, kids, tv shows.... Plan your time.... TIME is never returned to you... so you have to make the most of it!!

3. Are you setting small goals?

>>> Many people dont understand that setting small goals actually helps you to find the success your looking for.... Think about it... If your not setting goals you dont know what your doing it for. So.... if your looking to lose weight.... set a goal to lose 2 inches around your waste for the month ( stop stepping on the scale if you cant handle the fluctuation in it).... if you can handle the scale shoot for just 1 lb a week.... Shooting for 1 lb will help motivate you overtime vs shooting for 10lbs in 1 week and getting discouraged because you lost 8...hahaha... Seriously... we all been there. Another small goal is setting a time frame to get from knee pushups to 1 straight leg pushups... if you give yourself 4 weeks or 8 weeks to do 1 straight leg pushup then you are setting yourself up for success by setting a goal and working towards it!... Maybe your passed that and you want pullups.... set goals!!!> Next three weeks im doing modified pullups> Next 4 weeks im doing band pullups> next 2 weeks im dropping to a new color band... SHOOT... Ask your Trainers what you can do.... BUT SERIOUSLY DO IT!!!... Dont just ask...

So.... all in all.... where does success come from?.... It comes from you!.... It comes from your consistency in all areas of fitness!... and in all honesty... it also applies to all areas of life... Want a better marriage... Be Consistent, Plan, and set small Goals.... Doing these 3 things can help you in every area of life... YOU just have to WORK and be CONSISTENT!

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