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Practice what you Preach!...Athlete.

Let be real!... We are all surrounded by kids… many of us have young athletes in our lives... whether it be our children, our grandchildren, nieces or nephews...that we expect to go outside and practice or play whether its 100 degrees out or whether its 40 degrees out… whether its overcast or not a cloud in the sky. We tell our athletes to go out on that field and perform… Perform at your best… Yeah its okay if your in the sun for 2-3 hours playing exhausting yourself… Yeah its okay to refuel with food that has no nutritional value… yeah its okay to do it day after day week after week… yeah… its okay to get injured because we did not spend time on recovery.

Well… what about you? Most people stop working out because they get a little uncomfortable… oh the weather changed… oh its too cold… its drizzling… its too hot… im too tired… I have a lot of work to do… the excuses can line up and come out from every angle… But lets be real.. if we don’t except it from our kids… why in the world are we going to accept it for ourselves… Think about it… an Athlete is an Athlete… no matter the weather, no matter the time, no matter how much work… no matter the injury… an Athlete is always showing up for their part! Are you showing up for yours? Execution is KING…. How are you to know what your athlete needs in 100 degree whether if you don’t try it for yourself for an hour or 2 or even 3… how do you know what your athlete needs once that cold air hits his/her lungs after the first play if your deciding to stay home because of “the cold”… How are you showing time management if you cant drop work for an hour to put health first and expect your athlete to feel like they should be able to balance school work, homework, extracurricular activities, the things they enjoy, friends, and sports. Whether you believe it or not… there is an Athlete in everyone of us!!!! We call it our inner BEAST! We can all tap into it if we decide to. However… it takes constant uncomfortable work.

Fitness is not meant to be comfortable… there are always levels to improve… areas to increase… and areas to practice… just like in sports.

We know cold weather can make it hard to show up to workout and hot weather can make it uncomfortable to workout... but think about it YOU ARE AN ATHLETE!!! Everyone is!!!

So what if your uncomfortable and you feel like you weren’t able to perform at your best… Did you show up? Did you give your best? Then you did your best!... Leave feelings out of it… why… because that’s what athletes are expected to do…. Feelings get you nowhere. So Unleash the BEAST in you that shows the next generation it CAN all be done… why? Because there is an Athlete in everyone of us and at the end of the day when you take work away, when you take away distractions in life, all we have is health and the ability to improve it.

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