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3 Habits to Avoid That Keep You Sick, Broke, & Out of Shape!

Hey there!

Let's have some real talk about the lifestyle habits that can leave us feeling sick, broke, and out of shape. We've all been there, but it's time to break free from these habits and start living our best lives. Here are three ways to do just that:

  1. Ditch the Drive-Thru Drama: We all know the temptation of fast food and takeout, especially when life gets busy. But those quick, convenient meals can leave our bodies feeling sluggish and our wallets feeling empty. Instead, let's opt for meal prep and planning. By taking the time to prepare healthy, budget-friendly meals at home, we can nourish our bodies and our bank accounts. If your pressed for time and want the meal prep without the work text "BEAST" for 20% off your 1st order to for meal prep food delivered straight to your doorstep (Houston & surrounding areas).

  2. Bid Farewell to Financial FOMO: It's easy to get caught up in the pressure to keep up with the latest trends and spend beyond our means. But overspending can lead to stress, anxiety, and financial instability. Let's shift our focus to mindful spending and saving. By setting a budget, prioritizing our needs over wants, and building an emergency fund, we can achieve financial peace of mind while still enjoying life's simple pleasures. Remember, needs include your health. Without your health being a priority you will spend more money on medication and procedures and make less money by always making Dr's visits. Health is NOT an option to play with.

  3. Break Up with the Couch: Netflix binges and endless scrolling can leave us feeling lethargic and disconnected from our bodies. It's time to break free from the sedentary lifestyle and embrace movement. Whether it's a daily walk, a home workout, or joining a fitness class, let's make physical activity a priority. Not only will it improve our physical health, but also boost our mood and energy levels. You need these energy levels to show up for your family and the people you love.

Friend, it's time to take control of our health, wealth, and well-being. By saying goodbye to these damaging habits, we can pave the way for a life filled with vitality, abundance, and joy.

Here's to breaking free and living our best lives! Which habit do you need the most help avoiding?

P.S. Don't forget to surround yourself with positive influences who uplift and encourage you on this journey. Don't have that support? Join the Beast Family in person or online.


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