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3 Steps for Hanging onto your Goals!!

Did you know that almost 47% of people stop working towards their goals after 4 weeks? That's almost half of the people who set out goals some how quit or lose "motivation" and don't make it past 4 weeks.

Is that you?

Do you find yourself constantly setting goals and not accomplishing them?

We know the mission at hand can seem super overwhelming when looking at the big picture. BUT, dont look at the big picture... just look at your next step.

For example:

1. Set the Goal:

A goal could be to read a book this year.

2.Now Create the Task/To Do List:

__ Choose a Book

__Choose a start date

__Read for 10min 3 x a week

3.Then Set the Appointment in your Agenda!

That's right make the appointment and DO NOT CANCEL with yourself!

(If you need incentive not to cancel with yourself... say every time i cancel i have to give someone $50)... We promise if you treat your goal appointments like you cant call into work or a Dr's appointment, then you will find yourself accomplishing small steps towards the big picture.

Its that simple!

Yes, we used a book as an example... mainly because its a simple breakdown... but you can apply this to ANY goal you have in mind! Especially when it comes to fitness!

For Example:

1. Set the Goal

Lose 30lbs

2. Create the Task/To Do List

__Get a gym Bag and Water Bottle

__Find a gym that will push me

__Find a nutritionist

__Figure out days to grocery shop/ Meal Prep

__Start Date for my Workout and Nutrition Plan

__Take Before Photos & Weighin

__Workout 3x a week

__Start Date to work out 5 days a week

__Sign up for a Fitness Challenge or Competition

__Invite a friend or Family Member 1x a month

__ Sign up for a class that is out of my comfort zone 1x a qtr.

__Take progress photos every 4-6 weeks

__Put all of this on my calendar

3. Schedule It

12:00pm Tuesday during lunch go get gym bag and bottle.

3:15pm Friday while waiting in car line to grab kids look up gyms near me.

12:15pm Next Monday at lunch call the gyms im most interested in.

....... You get the point!

Now hang onto your goals!!! Don't be part of the 47% that quit in their first 4 weeks or the 86% that quit in the first 3 months. KEEP GOING!!! You got this!!!!

If you have a fitness goal... Share with us the Goal, the Tasks, and when your getting started to possibly Win 3 FREE Classes for you or a friend.


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