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3 Tips to Get Involved.

Fitness can always be so much fun when you find the right fitness family!

You'll laugh alot, encourage one another, share embarrassing moments, and at some point end up connecting on a personal level sharing many of life's intimate experiences. All these connections help you grow, develop, and become a better version of yourself. We get asked many times "how do I get connected with the fitness family?" Well here are some tips , whether your with us or at a gym near you.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Introduce yourself to 1 new person every day at your gym. Yes... it may seem awkward but its the only way to start connecting. A friendly face allows for people to know you are inviting and don't just have the resting "Gym" Face. Haha.

Also, don't be afraid to sign up for a fitness challenge that you normally wouldn't do. The experience of challenging yourself is an opportunity and helps you develop in confidence all while building relationship amongst the community.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Asking for help allows others to serve you. In a great gym community many will want to help you because they know how it feels to be new or to be a beginner, so many times people want to help because they also gain pleasure in seeing your growth and knowing they were a part of it. Asking for help allows not only the community, but the Trainers to see your eager to learn and your approachable- which is always so exciting for a fitness family! So don't stay quiet- Communicate.

3. Show up and do the random things.

To be a part of something you have to first show up. Be present. If not many times you might feel left out and lost. Showing up builds routine and in your routine you'll begin to see familiar faces and get to know personalities. Lets be real, you'll most likely not get along with everyone... but you'll find those you love, those you tolerate, and those you'll question whyyyyyyyyy... Haha...The more you continue stepping out of your comfort zone and do the random things your community is doing, even though you might think its "dumb," allows you to grow with everyone, For example, if your gym community decides after class to do 20 burpees... Why not hop in on that? Yes, you might be tired, yes you might not be able to perform all 20, but reality is by involving yourself in the random things, you build relationship- you have fun- and then you question how the heck you got to the point of falling in love with fitness.

Really finding a community is just about getting plugged in! Not allowing your pre-judgements or emotions to overtake you. Your gym community will LOVE you for bringing what you offer to the table! Just be you!


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