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3 Words People Don't Like in Fitness

Everyone has goals, but few will see them through! These are 3 words in fitness many can't stand because it takes work on your behalf. Which of these words do you have the most trouble with? Its almost like you need all 3 to be able to complete the task at hand.

1. Consistency: acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.

Consistency is KEY in fitness. Like, in EVERY area of fitness! You have to be able to wake up everyday grateful for the opportunity you have to move your body. You have to be able to take constant action to workout, meal prep, make healthy eating choices, stretch, get massages, sleep, rest, ect. You have to be consistent to see the results you want. Consistency is not something you can do for 3 weeks and get disappointed when change doesn't happen fast enough. Consistency is the ability to make it a lifestyle and manage it to take place on your agenda everyday!

2. Discipline: to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

Self Control is KEY when it comes to making the right decisions for you personal goals. You have to ask yourself, "is this going to get me closer or further away from my goals?" You have to be able to say no to alot of things you would enjoy for the moment so it will not rob you of what you truly desire for your future. Self Control aka Discipline will help keep you consistent on your journey!

3. Motivation: the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

We hear it most " I cant stay motivated"... Well, ask yourself, what are your desires? What do you want? Motivation, the feeling, will come and go, BUT your desire will keep you going and fuel your discipline which will fuel your consistency. What do you truly want?

For Example: To say something like lose weight (for many) is not enough, because once you lose the weight the fun game of losing weight is over and then the few pounds start creeping back on and you end up where you started. So truly ask yourself what do you want and make it specific?

Do you want to be comfortable in the bedroom with your spouse (ahhh... do the humptyhump... a do the humptyhump)... YES! This specific!!!

Do you want to just be your strongest and look your strongest?

Do you want to be in the best shape in your 50's so you cant be the cool grandma running up and down the playground with your grandkids?

Do you want to provide your spouse with the best version of yourself since they married the best version of yourself?

Do you want to fight depression and WIN?

Do you want your kids to stop bringing you your medication because your too tired to get up and the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the diabetes is wearing you down? Are you tire of your kids taking care of you?


Once you figure out WHY you need to workout, eat better, and rest then you will fi

nd yourself Consistent, Disciplined, and Motivated! Till then, you will just find yourself either plateauing or regaining weight lost, falling off the band wagon just to hop on and fall off again, or you'll find yourself working with no vision or reason so you'll not love the process.

So peeps... Go get what you want and make it happen!... It can be so much fun once you make up in your mind your going to make SH** happen!!!


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