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Adapting to Change...

Real Quick... We have to take a moment to give a Shout Out to our Beast Fam Emmott and Emily for adapting to life changes. Recently they welcomed our New Beast Baby into the Beast Family. Meet Easton!

Yeah...we know... such a cutie!!! To finally see the little face that was in the gym growing for 10months is such a miracle and blessing. Baby Easton was there for all the pushups, bicep curls, family laps, and squats! But now we get to see just how awesome this kid really is! We are blessed to have been a part of his parents journey!

Can we be real for a second? Many parents understand the struggles of becoming first time parents. Theres alot of change, alot to learn, and no one no one really knows what the heck they are doing... haha. So to see how this family adjusted has not gone unnoticed.

One thing Emmott and Emily did so well was adapt. Shorty after bringing Easton into the world Emily began her family walks with the hubs and baby, while the hubs began his 5am workout regimen. Yup

thats right! 5am with a newborn in the mix! We are so proud to see these 2 Beasts adjusting their schedule to make health, fitness, and their progress a priority as a family.

We couldn't be more proud of this cute little family!

Emily worked out pregnant past her due date and Emmott was there to support her along the way and together they continue to adapt.

Thank you Emmott and Emily for leading by example! Yall are amazing! Very few people are able to adapt as well as yall have and we couldn't be more proud of your success thus far!

In fitness we see it often when life changes occur, and people get thrown around by the demands of life. People allow their health and fitness to get set on the back burner when things get hard...Often leaving us feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Which can then turn into losing progress we made and more often losing years of progress in the process.

The only place we have to live-is the one place we have to take care of the most! Our bodies! Remember, when you go on vacation, or when life gets busy, or when family demands more from you... take 30-60minutes to break and move. Yes, it may be the last thing you "feel" like doing but in reality its the constant in life you must do.

We cant wait to have baby Easton at the gym!

Newborn Photos by: PhotobyLizeth


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