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Age Ain't Nothing but a Number!

We hear it often!... "Im too old", "my body isnt what it used to be", "Its too late", blah blah blah... Well, can we just say when you set your mind to Greatness you get Greatness in return?!?!

One of our members said it best: growing Old is inevitable but growing up is Optional!

Fitness can be used in so many ways to keep you strong, healthy, and simply beating the odds of health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, mental fog, ect. Many people wait for a diagnosis to turn their life around, or wait for retirement, or till the kids grow up, or till they get a new job with less demanding hours, but reality is, if you don't prioritize your health and fitness game you will grow "older" faster and deal with alot more complications. So utilize the little time you do have because waiting for the perfect time will never happen. So start small- take the stairs- park in the back of the parking lot- walk during your lunch hour- wake up 10 minutes earlier to stretch/move- drink more water. You have to start somewhere or you WILL develop the weak mindset of using your age as an excuse.

Take Trainer Rick for example. He started his fitness journey when he was 39. His life involved alcohol, working night shifts, lack of sleep, being a dad, husband, and a partier. Rick has gone through the process of letting go, revamping, redeveloping, and refocusing on what's most important in his life. Over the years not only did he grow in his personal fitness journey but he grew in becoming a Trainer to help others along their fitness journey too. Now at 47 he has gone through the process of building a strong and mental foundation which shows in his results. We mean... talk about Grandpa Bod on point!!!! When he started his fitness journey he wasn't able to perform a proper squat or pullup, now, he has managed to go through the process, enjoy the ups and downs, learn, and simply become his best self with constantly challenging who he was yesterday. Today he has helped train many along their journey whether they are modified or advance. Rick, simply put, has managed to reverse his years looking better and performing better now than he did in his 20's/30's. Rick is a great example that its never too late to get in the game... you just have to play!

So remember, the next time you say your getting too old, tell that voice, its a liar! Take your youthfulness back because you woke up today and you have the opportunity to. Take back the ability that you are in control of your body, and most importantly take control of your mindset, so when things get hard you know how to keep going.

OLD is a Mindset.

So remember the next time you want to use your age as an excuse... DON"T!

Someone out there older than you, working more hours than you, with more responsibilities than you, is getting it done! Age aint nothing but a number if you allow it to be! So set your priorities straight and watch you feel better in your own body! Stop letting society tell you what you are and how you should feel. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING if you TRULY BELIEVE IT, PRIORITIZE IT, and WORK FOR IT!


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