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Age Is What You Make It!

People might say just by glancing at our social media pages that Beast Body is packed with a whole bunch of "Crazies always in Beast Mode"... but the reality is... we are a gym full of everyday people who refuse to accept being average.

Some people once they meet us might call us a whole bunch of Nerd Athletes while others may call us a whole bunch of Show Offs... but truth of the matter is this gym isn't for everyone!

We are just a whole bunch of people who drank the Kool-Aid that we can be a Beast no matter or age! We all have a Lion in us and only those who refuse to remain average actually tap into becoming their best self.

See... some gyms are for average people... and that's okay! You get in where you fit in... but here... here's a place where being average is not accepted. We want you to challenge yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually... WHY you might ask?!?! Because the only way to develop strength over a long period of time is to challenge every part of who you are and to celebrate every part of who you become!

We aren't here for a quick fix.... we aren't here to compete against each other... We are here to unleash our inner beast because we all have a BEAST in us either sleeping or waiting to be awoken. At Beast Body our Beast is alive and comes out with every rep!!!

Take Elizabeth here at 61, for example, still challenging herself!!! Other people might look at her and say... "oh shes lucky" or "oh she hasn't been through what I've been through" or "oh she just has good genes" the reality is... she been through alot and has put in years of work focused on her lane... not worried about anyone else but herself. A Beast knows success only comes if you want it and work for it!

If she can get stronger over time... so can you! Stop hiding behind your excuses and gain control over your life. Excuses are for the average but strength over time is for those who refuse to let their egos and what others think get in the way. We are Lions at Beast Body looking for others who are willing to wake up their inner Beast.... If your one to say we "act and look" a certain way to "show off" you clearly have 1. never been here or 2. are average in your way of thinking and this is your not the right home gym for you.

So remember... age is what you make of it. Being a Beast is what you make of it. Your mindset depends on your ability to grow and develop to cheer yourself on and others on. Don't be average... you were destined for GREATNESS!


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