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Just gotta say, at Beast Body Fitness, we just had one of the best weekends ever!!!...

We laughed, we cried, we said alot of "workout words", and supported one another through the Beast Games!

We went through 2-3 hours of straight fitness, making ourselves tap into our inner BEAST and truly UNLEASHING our potential! We got physically exhausted, mentally drained, and had to dig deep and tap into our spirit to keep going. Some of us wanted to quit... but some of us chose atleast 1 team member who wouldn't allow us to do so. THAT, is the importance of surrounding yourself with LIONS!!!! When shit gets hard and it seems impossible, when things arent going in your favor, your natural instinct is to quit... but when you have atleast 1 person in your corner saying, try one more time.... that is all you need!!...

Some of our teams went in strong and began to fall apart. Some teams got stronger as they continued the course. All teams learned who had what skills under pressure... and every team found a way to regather and come out on top.

We had so many different fitness levels Modified, Intermediate, Advance, and Beast Mode all under 1 roof working towards a common goal! No matter the fitness level it was amazing to see the support everyone was given. To be honest, the intensity from our Modified was the same intensity the Advance gave... just being in the environment of other like minded people transforms how you perform.

Our Beast Games: Team Edition was designed for all fitness levels to come together and enjoy a day of fitness... and to open the door to our BEASTS who never knew they could step out of their comfort zone and do things they never imagined.

We had 8 teams compete on Saturday and none of this could have been possible without our volunteers. What seemed to be hours on hours on hours of preparation, for a 2-3 hour run, all came together with the help of volunteers who spent their time before hand checking in, trying out, and helping organize. We cant thank our volunteers enough!!!! They were such a huge help and played such a vital role both behind the scenes and on the field. You know its a great environment when spectators show up and begin firing up the grill & prep food to help serve our runners!... We cant make up how great the Beast Fam is!

We have all had a CrAzY 2020 and a CrAzY start to 2021... and Saturday Beast Games was a glimpse of pre-covid times... just laughing and enjoying life together as a family making memories. We couldn't be more proud of all our members who participated in our Beast Games: Team Edition Event! We appreciate each and everyone of you and we are so glad yall had a great time!!

Now... let this be motivation to get ready for the next one! Haha!

Thank you all for allowing Beast Body Fitness to be a part of your fitness journey!!!

We love you!

Following scores:

1st Place

Rainbow Unicorns (DR Green)

110 points

Time 1:45

2nd Place

Fearless & Flawless (Yellow)

117 points

Time: 2:22

3rd place

Velvet Tacos (Pink)

87 points

Time: 2:31

Legends (Black)

132 points

Time: 2:33

Sassy Savages (Lime Green)

125 points

Time: 2:35

Fierce (Orange)

129 points

Time: 2:46

Goal Crushers (Blue)

169 points

Time: 2:47

Beast Babes (Purple)

76 points

Time: 3:36

All points collected were seconds deducted from teams finish time.

Great Job Beast Body Teams!


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