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Beast Games: Explained- Kind of.

What the heck are the BEAST GAMES???

Well... lets just tell you... theres no one simple answer.

Its not just a run, or a few hours of strenuous exercises. Its not an obstacle run, or a crossfit competition.

The Beast Games is like a magical bag of fitness- you don't know what's gonna be thrown at you.

We can all definitely say it's a few hours of you don't know what your getting yourself into kind of fun!

We always stress that fitness can be applied to all areas of life.... so why not bring all areas of life into the Games??? HAHA! You'll test your memory, you agility, your thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

The Beast Games is broken up into different Editions:

Beast Games: Individuals

Beast Games: Partners

Beast Games: Teams (5)

Beast Games: Xtreme

The Games are a way for the Beast Body community to learn about one another, to grow, and simply to have fun! Its the one time we get to apply our fitness to something other than a regular workout.

Most of the Games (except the Xtreme Edition) are modified through advance levels. The best part about it is going head to head with all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds, all fitness levels. The Games are designed for the Beast Fam to have fun right here at their home gym.

So although we don't have a simple answer on what you'll expect at the Games or what you'll be doing. Just know most people sign up not having a clue what they even signed up for. Yes... it takes a little bit of Cray Cray mixed with a little bit of Beast Kool-aid to sign up for a fitness event here at the gym, but reality is... at the end of the Games, when your body is beat and your brain is fried, you'll look back and say.... I had so much fun!!!!

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