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Beast Love

At Beast Body we preach all the time that you have to LOVE YOUR BODY!!!

Yes, we come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, we admire the bodies others have and we nitpick ours BUT what are you truly doing to express to yourself how much you love your body?

Here are 3 things to keep it real with a little Self Love... aka BEAST LOVE because it takes a true BEAST to be able to perform the following!

First, is MINDSET!

Having a BEAST MINDSET will help you love your body!

Lets be real... Why is it that we can critique our bodies so much? We would never walk up to someone and tell them something we tell ourselves on a regular basis. No one said you have to LOVE your imperfections... but you can LOVE through them. You can love the process... love the character building, love the person you are and who you want to become. Changing your mindset on how you view yourself creates growth and change, BUT it takes a BEAST to develop this habit and to keep it! So be a BEAST in all your thoughts and tell ALL the negativity to SHUT UP!

Second, is Care.

How are you caring for your body? At Beast Body we talk all the time about workouts, nutrition, and rest. Which it really comes down to self control. Many people think of self care as getting their hair or nails done, going out to eat, watching a movie, ect.... and yes these can be looked at as moments of self care however, its more of a celebration/reward for your hard work. Getting your hair and nails done or going to the movies doesn't physically change the structure of which your body needs care for. We are talking about> what are you doing to help prevent the high cholesterol? What are you doing to get the blood pumping? to release stress? to fight against high blood pressure or diabetes? What are you doing to care for your gout or swollen joints? Care is truly doing what you know you need to do to keep your body performing at its best!

Third, is Honesty.

BE HONEST with yourself! Honesty is key when breaking or developing habits! If your not willing to notice how you step up, show up, or perform your not going to move far on your fitness journey or whatever area that is in life. Knowing when you let yourself down and taking responsibility is growth! Honesty allows you to see how your performing and what you need to change. Honesty allows you to take responsibility for your actions.

So remember, BEAST LOVE takes work on your part but you gain so many rewards! So keep things simple and take it day by day. Self Love can take you far! SO stop breaking promises you have made to yourself and go conquer what it is you want!


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