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Do Trainers like to Workout?

The truth of the matter is, your Trainers feel just like you! Some days we are motivated to workout, somedays we are tired, some days are just bad days, and somedays our schedules get thrown off because> LIFE happens.

Many people seem to believe that a Trainer has it all together. To be honest, it is very hard to motivate others, make sure they are having a good workout, and then find the time to motivate yourself- after you just gave it all to everyone else.

So how do most Trainers make it to and through their workout? They let go of their feelings. Many Trainers understand the assignment> You just Show Up for yourself no matter how you feel! Yes, like you, we don't care to workout on a super cold day or after a bad nights rest. Like you, we don't always want to workout when its rainy outside, or when we have gotten sick or injured and see alot of the progress we made slip by. BUT- priority is our health and well being so we schedule it. Are you scheduling time for your health? or letting time slip by?

Feelings become such a huge part in someone's comfortableness or someone losing progress. Yes, Trainers are held to a higher standard many times when it comes to fitness... but reality is, we go through the same feelings and emotions everyone else does.

Once a person understands and accepts that they will not always "feel" like working out and they do it anyways, they then become master over their mind. When they meal prep even if they don't "feel" like meal prepping, they again, become master over their mind... and these small decisions lead to HUGE progress if done consistently.

So no, your Trainers do not always feel like working out, BUT we understand the job needs to get done.

We understand that A workout is better than NO workout... so that means if we show up to cry it out during our workout on they gym floor, then that's what it takes... Crying through your workout because your going through stuff like a divorce, a loss in the family, parental stress, or just work stress is so much healthier than all other options presented to us like medication, alcohol, or food abuse.

Doing what we don't "feel" like doing takes alot of work... but at the end of the day YOU win, YOUR results come through, and YOU become in control... and a Trainer likes being in control.

So gain control of your "feelings" and watch how much progress you make!


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