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Don't Wish For It!

Don't wish for something your not willing to work for.

Yes! Life gets hard! But you can either let life knock you down or you can WORK for the things you know you want!

For example... wishing for a better marriage or relationship? Start doing things for your spouse you know they don't deserve... like serve them a cup of coffee even though your mad at them. Tell them thank you for something small... even though they never seem to get things right. Put in work so you can gain the results you want!<<< and no... this isn't an overnight fix for a relationship... BUT it is work moving in the right direction for results.

Hate your job??? Start be positive in your workplace even though all your hard work goes unseen... ask if theres extra help needed. Applaud others for their hard work. If your wanting a raise or recognition... go the extra mile and put in the work it takes... don't just wish for it.

Want to lose weight or build lean muscle? Put in the work it takes to dial in on your nutrition. Ask questions, seek help. Figure out what works for your body and STICK TO IT... by showing up consistently for yourself ever day! The work you put in with show results in time... you just cant dream about it!!!

So remember... if you have dreams, goals, aspirations... don't wish for it more than your willing to work for it. Because if theres 1 thing in the Lions Den we preach... you know we are going to say "Its alot of WORK!"

So make it happen BEAST!!!


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