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Drink More Water

Drinking enough fluids is one of the most important things you can do to prevent heat illness. Water is generally sufficient for hydration!

Remember the water you drank yesterday prepares you for today! So dont play around with this Texas heat! DRINK up that water!!!

If you begin your workout dehydrated you are more likely to 1. overheat faster, 2. get dizzy, or 3. get heat exhaustion, and more.

So HYDRATE the day before... and Hydrate the day of. You can not perform at your best if you are dehydrated!... Who the HECK want to go to the gym and then leave the gym feeling like they didn't perform at their best all due to a lack of water?

Drink water before feeling thirsty, by the time you feel thirsty you are already behind on fluid replacement.

Drinking shorter intervals is more effective than drinking large amounts of water infrequently. Cause we all know when you drink too much water in 1 sitting within 5min we are ready to pee it out... HAHA

Do not drink more than 48oz of water in 1 hour. Drinking too much water or other fluids causes the concentration of salt in the blood to become too low and can result in medical emergency... So dont drown your body trying to drink all your fluid for one day right before your going to bed just to say you got it in. You can 1. cause cause more harm than good and 2. you'll be up peeing all night getting no sleep... so now your tired, and a tired you is not productive.

Right after your workout you should be prepping your body for the next day!!... This even goes for your ATHLETIC KIDS!!! Dont think you or your child (who plays sports) are any different. If you have to drink water... make sure they are too to help prevent them from tears, spurs, dehydration, and more!

Remember: Chronic dehydration increases the risk of Kidney Stones!... and believe us when we say... you'd rather be peeing alot due to hydration than trying to pass those stones!

Things to avoid: Energy Drinks

Yes.. we know... we are all like... um no... i need my energy drink... Well theres a difference taking a little bit of pre workout vs using energy drinks to maintain your energy/hydration levels. A high heart rate + Texas heat + working out+ dehydration... not the best combo! So minimize the energy drinks you consume!

Another thing to avoid is Alcohol

WHAT?!?! Yall Cray Cray! Haha! We know! But just remember like energy drinks Alcohol causes dehydration and you put yourself at risk for heat exhaustion/heatstroke if you working out 24hr after consuming and you haven't properly hydrated. So... besides getting a little tipsy... that alcohol game aint really doing much for you besides adding some extra unwanted lbs, setting you back on your hydration levels, and forcing you to put in extra work aka prolonging your fitness results.

So BEAST... Now that we are going into the BEST months of the year, SUMMER, take full advantage of sweating it out!

Note: if you are "not a sweater" please consult with our nutritionist Colleen at 713-550-3019 and consult with your doctor to re evaluate your diet as your levels may be too high depending on sodium, medications, ect that you can be retaining fluids. Most people who "never sweat in their life" will begin to pour sweat within 2-3 months of small dietary or medication changes.


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