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Excuses Exist If You Allow Them To!

Have you heard the saying?

Excuses are like buttholes everyone has them?

HAHAHA...Funny but so true!

People have a tendency to come up with so many excuses. Its now become a "valid" reason as to why something cant get done. Believe it or not the only difference between the person sitting at home tired on the couch after a long day of work and the person at the gym working out after a long day of work, is the person at the gym has managed not allow the excuse of being tired to keep them home.

Some of the excuses your Trainers have heard:

"I dont have enough time"

"My business is too busy right now"

"Work has me working overtime"

"My husband wont watch the kids"

"My wife doesnt like to workout so i cant"

"Its dark outside"

"Its Cold"

"Its late"

"Its Early"

"Im injured"

"I dont eat enough"

"I cant drink enough water to do it"

"I tried before but it just doesnt work form me"

"My home life is falling apart"

"I gained my weight back"

"I dont want to give up drinking or eating bad"


Blah blah blah...The list can go on!!!!...

Did you know for every excuse your Trainers have heard they have also witnessed some one else in the same circumstance getting it done?

For example: "I dont have enough time"... We have witnessed people busier than this excuse getting it in... If you can spend 30 minutes on social media (which the average person spends 2.5 hrs daily) Then you can make time!!... We have seen a full time mom with 4 kids who takes care of an older loved one who is a single parent... find the time... So guess what... Prioritize your time friend!

"My home life is falling apart"... Well guess what... so are more than 50% of the nations families too... and guess what we see... We still witness that momma adjusting her schedule to make sure she gets in some "me time" before she tends to everyone elses needs in the home thats falling apart.... and guess what... because shes taking the time to work on her mental, physical, and spiritual game... her family all pull through together because she didnt get sucked in the chaos but was able to help bring the family through the chaos.

"I gained my weight back"... SO THE HECK WHAT!!!!... Your Trainers and fitness family (whether in house or online) dont give a flip about the weight you gained back.... They care more about your health and seeing you succeed again!... For real... like does this even make sense? "I gained weight back and don't want the people who want me to succeed to see me this way... so ill just keep on keeping on and falling off the bandwagon." Ha! Yeah! Makes total sense! Stop caring what other people think! HEALTH is ALL you have in life!!!

Stop caring about the REASONS you give... YES REASONS>>> REASONS are EXCUSES... They sound great to us when we give them... but 5 months from now or 5 years from now guess what... those excuses will still be there like a dingleberry (a little left over still hanging from your butt).

Here is 1 simple step to fight your reasons/ excuses for not getting done what needs to get done.

  1. When your excuse pops in your head... ask yourself... what is the opposite action of this excuse... and let me do it!


"I dont drink enough water"... ask yourself the opposite action... What should i do about this?>>> DRINK MORE WATER.

"I dont have time to workout" ask yourself the opposite action... What should i do about this?>>> Schedule my workout into my agenda.

ITS SUPER SIMPLE... its like playing Fitness for Dummies... the only thing is you have to act... If you "feel" like sitting on the couch but you know you have health problems and the Doc told you to move... You should be asking yourself... What should i be doing instead of sitting here?>>> I should go for a walk or dance around the house or get a gym membership...

Yall... Stop giving mental outs! Ask yourself daily... Did I do all I can do to get a step closer to the things I want or the things I need?

Break bad habits BEAST... your more than capable of changing your life!


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