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Fitness is an Escape!

We all go through this thing called life and end up with so many scars and baggage! Many times we feel like we are going through the storm alone.

Our journey in fitness has so many emotional ups and downs not to mention so many obstacles thrown at us! All too often we hold ourselves back because we are drowning in our past that we actually prevent ourselves from moving forward.

Many of us are fighting secret battles like the loss of a loved one, illness, or an unhappy marriage and we've fallen way off track. Sometimes we battle time management or emotional eating. Everyone is different yet everyone can relate to the struggle of staying the course.

Although fitness is the first thing many people will cut when it comes to financial hardship many people don't truly tap into the life saving changes fitness can have. Many reasons why fitness can be crossed off the to do list/ finances is many people relate to "looking" a certain way vs feeling a certain way...Fitness is a time your mind gets to escape the chaos of the world in which you live. Its a time your body gets to push limits. Its a time in which you get to speak with your creator and speak within yourself. You get to be your own cheerleader for the hour. Fitness gives you a time to reflect, a time to think through problems, a time to let go of negative energy. It allows your mind, body, and soul to connect at a level that is poured into yourself vs poured out for someone else. Fitness is an escape to fight depression and anxiety, its a reminder that we are grateful for movement. Fitness is a time you truly get to learn your body. Fitness is literally an activity you can do with a spouse to help save a marriage. Fitness can be a solo thing or a community thing... but all in all it is the 1 thing you get to do that makes you a better version of yourself.

It doesn't matter what your going through, fitness is the one thing you can laugh at, cry at, suck at and still grow. Fitness can keep you from eating and sleeping your days away in a dark place. So keep in mind the next time you tell yourself you don't want to go to the gym because your "hurt" emotionally, or because you "lost all your progress" and your "starting over," all your gym cares about is you making and taking the steps to move forward. All your gym cares about is seeing you fight and conquer what you've been battling. All your gym cares about is seeing you find peace in becoming your best self.

So remember, when returning to your gym after feeling like life throws you watermelons, dinosaurs, and dump trucks, your gym is just happy to see your face!

Keep pushing along friend! You got this!


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