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Fitness is for Everyone!

We are beyond proud of Julia! Over 7.6lbs down and a whole lot of toning!!!! This mom of Twins, Wife, and Hard Worker has managed to find the time for her fitness and health. She committed to the process! Even with a knee injury she managed to gain results by adjusting where needed.

In just 6 weeks she regained focus of her top priorities and made changes in her life that are showing outwardly now.

This is a reminder, that no matter your age, your marital status, your parenting status, your job status, your injuries or limitations... Fitness is for you if you allow it to be. Fitness shows us where we are in life, it makes us face our ourselves, our relationships, the way we attack our dreams. Fitness shows us where we are weak or strong and all the in-between.

The best part about fitness is that it does not care where you start or how you start. From a walk in the park to a hard core workout, movement is medicine. It can be free or paid for but either way fitness is the one thing in life that many steer away from because it takes work and shows your true self.

Next time your ready to make some fitness moves, remember, you can make progress no matter your circumstances.

Shout out to Julia for killing her 6 week challenge... and shout out to all those who continuously do their best on this fitness journey! It aint easy... But its so work it!

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Tony Allen
Tony Allen
Mar 28, 2023

Great job! Keep up the good work

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