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Gossip... a Quiet Killer

Between the voices in your head and the voices of the people around you, gossip can kill your desires, send you into depression, seclude you, and make you run from the things you enjoy.

People often think that gossip only happens amongst people.... but it doesn't! It also takes place in our own heads! The made up stories, the "what if" scenarios... you know what we're talking about! Lets not act like we all don't fight inner demons on a regular basis!

Whether your at home, work, or at the gym voices and thoughts always follow you but its your responsibility to kill it before it kills you.

Gossip in your head or with others, can destroy relationships just based off of assumptions. Gossip can hinder your progress because it allows feelings to get in the way. Feelings that may or may not even be real.

Here are 2 ways to control gossip whether you battle it on your own or with others.

  1. DECLARE THE TRUTH: Whatever it is your thinking about or talked about with others find out and know the truth before deciding what is your reality. Declaring the truth will help kill gossip before it secretly comes in and begins destroying your foundation and beliefs.

  2. DON"T ENTERTAIN GOSSIP: The moment you find yourself going on and on in your head or hearing others around you- remove yourself from the situation. Play some music to shift your mind or simply tell yourself or others "I wont entertaining this." Simply shutting it down allows you power, personal understanding, and opens your eyes to evaluate the circumstance as needed.

Remember speak your truth, love your work, worry about your agenda, keep an open mind and heart, and look through a lens of understanding. Just because a person might feel a certain way doesn't mean their feelings and problems have to become your reality.... and just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean it is the truth.

Always check your feelings... they many times leave you in conversations that can lead to dark places.

Remember, your Trainers, Tre & Cass along with the team are here to see you succeed! If you ever need help on navigating your thoughts, pains, or struggles please reach out. You are not alone!


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