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Happy Valentines Day! Lead with Love!

Valentines Day is a Day of LOVE!!!! No matter if your spending Valentines Day alone, with a spouse, with some friends, your kids, or in the Lions Den with a great workout, love starts with YOU!

Leading with love in your home and workplace can truly change so many circumstances and situations.

Take Trainer Courtney for example. This single mom of 3 pours so much love into her kids yet doesn't forget about herself. Many single moms have a tendency to be lead by guilt and feel the need to over provide to make up for the circumstance. But, in actuality choosing love and leading by it

showers any situation! Leading by love provides the growth your loved ones need to grow stronger and closer all the while providing them guidance on finding how to love themselves.

In order to lead with love you must love who you are! What does loving yourself look like? Glad you asked! It looks like showing up for all the things you say you want, it looks like not breaking promises you made to yourself, not using negative talk and knowing when to shut up, looks like showing up for your health and better food choices, taking some "me time" when you need it most. Loving yourself will only produce results you want and will over flow to those around you.

Leading by example and walking the walk will show those closest to you how strong you are, how determined you are, and how disciplined you are. All these great qualities developed by loving yourself over flows and pours into those closest to you!

This Valentines Day focus on the love you have within so you can provide outward. If you want to be showered with love make sure you are showering with love... Love is about service. How are you serving yourself and how are you serving others?

Love can change the course of your family! Love can give you strength you didn't know you had. Everyday wake up look in the mirror and say "I Love You" to your reflection! Do the same at night! Then do some things you love that you let go of because life got in the way... like dancing, or playing some basketball, painting, gaming, or whatever. Do things you love to remind yourself that you are worthy... and then pour love onto others the way you want to be loved. Remember, whether your a single mom, or a couple working together, or a single person searching for the right one, a loving heart can produce amazing results!

Happy Valentines Day from the Lions Den at Beast Body Fitness.


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