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Health Is Not an Option

Its crazy how many of us think our health is an option. Like... let me cut the gym membership before i cut the cable... Or let me eat out more than $29 a week vs getting a membership somewhere to better my health... Or even let me spend more on Dr.s visits and medication than spend more on physical activity and nutrition.

The choice is always ours... However, we have been taught by society that our health is an option. Like, its not as a important as it should be because everyone and everything else comes before "working on ourselves" or comes after "finding more time."

Can we be real? What you did 5/10 years ago effects your current situation and what you do now affects your situation 5-10year from now.

You shouldn't wait till the Dr has to tell you about your high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. You shouldn't want your family to have to worry or deal with any of these issues if you have control over it... and more importantly, if you do have control of it> you should be doing everything you can to avoid these issues in your life that so many die from every year!

"But work has got me swamped"< we say... Remember... in the work place you are replaceable. We know that sounds harsh... but its true! Its not often you'll find yourself sick or going through a hard time in life that work will actually be there to help and tend to you and your families needs. Usually once those sick days are over work is on your butt wondering when the heck your getting back to work. Most of the time, if your unable to perform at work they will quickly be looking to replace the area your unable to produce in.

Your bill companies also don't care if your sick, nor does insurance, they still want the money due to them every billing cycle. So, get off your medications and stop coming up with excuses. The only thing holding you back from making Health a priority is YOU. You dont need the money and you dont need to find more time. What you need is to prioritize it and you will see the results of your hard work pay off with your consistency.

So whether you decide to workout from home or join a gym remember you have the choice to place other things on your schedule as options. Your Health is a must> it's an appointment with yourself> a time you dedicate to make it your priority.

Get your Health off the back burner before its too late.


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